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Monday, February 15, 2010

Boulder Indoor Cycling is Awesome!

One of the coolest gifts John gave me for Christmas (not to diminish the rollers or Wii!) was the introductory course to riding in the Velodrome at Boulder Indoor Cycling. We both signed up for a 10 week class to get certified so we can go to the track and ride whenever we want. I have to say that I FREAKIN LOVE THE TRACK! Those who know me know that this is a first for me because I have had a love/hate relationship with the running track most of my adult life but the indoor cycling track is something that I just love! We have been taking a class at the crack of dawn on Tuesday mornings. Our instructor is a former pro cyclist names Michael Robson. He is an Aussie and he rocks! Not only is he passionate about cycling he is passionate about keeping knuckle heads like me in line before I trash myself on the track.
The track itself is just cool and scary to look at:
Quick Facts:
Construction: Wood
Overall Length: 142 meters
Maximum Banking (corners): 45 degrees
Minimum Banking (straights): 16 degrees
Current Lap Record: 7.690 seconds
The track creaks and cracks as we go flying around it on our fixed gears. You need to see the track to appreciate its small size and steep turns. I have added this picture and a couple links for you to see more if you are interested. Trust me when I tell you it takes some getting used to as you learn to cruise around the track. You have to stay at 14 mph at the very slowest or you will simply slide down the track. That is enough to make it a real workout for me! I rarely dare go that slow. Since we have been riding we have had one crash in our group. Poor Tom couldn’t decelerate fast enough and he had nowhere to go but down. All I heard was the crash and slide. It freaked me out and it took me an entire class to get over the sound. I had a similar reaction when Sonja crashed in a bike race last summer; she was right in front of me and I saw her crash but the sound is what seems to stay with me. Tom was fine and back on the track in a couple laps. Last week I arrived at the track early enough to watch the hot shots before our class and two guys locked handle bars and one of them went down and broke his collar bone…just like that! So I have to say that I have a tendency to ride fast in order to keep away from people!  We ride somewhere between 25 and 25 mph depending on who is pulling and what we are doing. I have learned all about madisons, exchanges and really holding my line! The rollers have really paid off!
Michael and our morning group are all there for a hard workout so we really hammer. The workouts are a gut buster for me as I chase the boys around the track! John and I got to go to two of Alan’s classes on Tuesday night and that was really fun too! It was a very different coaching style but we both had kicking workouts and the people were really nice. The challenge to track riding is being comfortable enough in your own skin to jump in with a group of people you don’t know. The better they are the better I am. It is really hard to follow people who aren’t as confident or who are squirrely. There are a bunch of vocal queues we use to let people know what we are doing at any given time and sometimes I feel like I am the only one yelling but I am cool with that if it keeps someone from crashing into me!
Thanks to Michael, Alan and Tim, who got us started at Steve’s clinics! This has been an awesome addition to my athletic abilities. It has definitely made me a better cyclist! And thanks to Johnny who makes his Pista look so good on that track!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

GS Boulder Cycling Team!

I am so excited to announce that I will be racing with the GS Boulder Cycling Team in 2010!  Since my return from Worlds I have really struggled with what to do, how to do and when to do just about anything related to my training and my 2010 season. In order to make some decisions I've spent tons of time thinking about all the fun I've had in the last 15 years and I came up with 4 things: learning to mountain bike with a different group of friends, adventure racing, bike racing and learning to be faster in all that I do.

My amazing sister gave me a HOT! mountain bike for Christmas so that was clearly a sign I need to jump into Xterras! Yahoo! And I shopped around for bike teams to race with...I am not a seasoned bike racer and I don't have the skills I may need to win races so I was looking for a team that would afford me the opportunity to learn from other cyclists, develop my skills in a group and have fun with new friends. My friend Nicole H introduced me to GS Boulder and she will be racing Category 4 too so I was excited about having at least one person I know to ride with, especially when I can't make the weekend rides in Boulder.

After having met with Melissa B we agreed that I would be a good fit for their Cat 4 group. I went to the team meeting at the new TREK Bicycle Store in Boulder and it was so awesome to meet so many people, check out the 2010 kits and hear about all the great things the club is working on!

I can't wait to hit the road with GS Boulder!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas in Colorado

I have spent the majority of my life traveling to Homer NY for Christmas and this year, after spending all my time and money in Australia, I decided to stay in Colorado for Christmas. As soon as I made my decision John and I started to plan all the fun things we wanted to do. (OK, I started to plan and he agreed!) The pictures posted today are from all the fun things we did with friends: Zoo Lights with the Stephens and Waltons, Botanic Gardens, Dinner with friends, tree decorating at my house, deep frying a turkey on the patio and more. Thank you to everyone who made my holiday really special!

24 Hours to go...

24 Hours to go...

Steamboat Triathlon

Steamboat Triathlon
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2008 Adventures Start in Moab

2008 Adventures Start in Moab
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